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The “5 Steps” Program. Tet-A-Tet Consultations

After several years of working in Hollywood, I have accumulated a lot of experience and built excellent relationships with professionals in the film industry. It’s time to help you to do the same for you. I offer you the program “Your First 5 Steps”, which consists of 3 meetings – consultations that systematize your actions in 5 simple steps. I will help you to feel more confident and be a reliable support for your child in his acting career. I know that your child is special and you just need a little extra support, then the whole world will know about it!
So together we will:

Define the goals



Here are a few points
that we will work out at the meetings:

I'll tell you how the film industry is organized and the casting process

I will tell you how to properly prepare "Headshots" and resume

I'll tell you how to get an acting agency for your child and you'll choose the agency that suits you

I will help you correctly fill in the actor's Internet profiles

I'll tell you how to build relationships with people in the film industry

I will help you to prepare the necessary documents, and I will tell you how to protect your rights

I will share with you tips that will increase the number and quality of castings

I'll teach you how to prepare your child for casting and set it up for success